Our CO2 neutral coconut BBQ briquettes are 100 % natural, made in Indonesia from coconut shells left over from coconut processing. The shells that we use are harvested in a sustainable manner, without harming coconut palm trees, animals' habitat or the environment. Free from additives and chemicals, the briquettes are easy to light and burn above 180oC up to 4 hours which makes them ideal for roasting for a longer period of time.

The burning time counts! At some point everyone has tried to create the perfect setting for a great barbecue with delicious food, family and friends to find that we can't get the barbecue hot enough!

That is why we have chosen to focus on how the temperature of the briquettes evolves over time on the barbecue – doing so ensures a barbecue result of high quality.

Our briquettes have undergone stringent testing under the T-180 performance test which we have developed with FORCE Technology and conducted since 2005. The test measures the temperature in a standard cylinder until 180oC – in other words it tests how long the briquettes can maintain a temperature above 180oC.

All test results show that Nature Premium briquettes have a high and constant temperature over time and thus they match the best barbecue briquettes on the market.