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Test winner - “The heat is off the scale here – in a good way“

Two barbecue experts have tested 6 different grill briquettes for the national Danish daily newspaper Politiken. And Nature Premium was declared the outright test winner.

For the winner Nature Premium briquettes it goes ”These are the best ones. The heat is off the scale – in a good way. These briquettes keep the heat for the longest time and they would be great for slow cooking. You would be able to both bake bread and barbecue whole chickens. They give off the least smoke when lighted”.

The two experts, Carsten Olsen, also known as ”the bald chef” and Trine Drachmann Johns from Weber Grill Academy agrees and give Nature Premium grill briquettes – as the only one – full house with 6 stars.


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Nature of Barbecuing sponsors the MadChefsBBQ - a dedicated team of men who are all focused on achieving the best taste and discover new recipes while having fun.

We have gathered some exciting and inspirational recipes including recipes made by the MadChefsBBQ!

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