The two experts, Carsten ”the bald chef” Olsen and Trine Drachmann Johns from Weber Grill Academy have tested 6 different grill briquettes for the national Danish daily newspaper Politiken. Nature Premium grill briquettes was declared the outright test winner and got 6 out of 6 stars.

According to the judges, it should be possible to light good briquettes without too much smoke, and they have to reach at least 260 degrees within half an hour.
“Good barbecue grill briquettes must start with high, intense heat in the beginning and then slowly fade out,” says Trine Drachmann Johns, who points out that the longer they keep the heat, the better. In that case, they are also useful for a slow cooking barbecue menu.
Nature Premium grill briquettes is elected as test winner, because they keep the heat for the longest time and they give off the least smoke when lighted. Further, they are the least porous and are the best at keeping their form, both in the bag and after being lighted. “The heat is off the scale here – in a good way“

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