CAUTION! DO NOT BARBECUE INDOORS! NEVER use BBQ char­coal indoors or in a enclosed space. Dangerous and poisonous carbon monoxide may develop. Carbon monoxide is odorless, and cannot be detected by smell or other senses. Never empty warm ashes or glowing briquettes in to the bin.

Never pour lighter fluid or other flammable liquids onto your BBQ. This can cause a small explosion. Keep children and pets away during use.

Always use firelighters or firelighter sachets.   


Nature® briquettes must be stored in a dry place. The heating value is reduced if the briquettes absorb damp.



Maintenance and cleaning

It is important to keep your barbecue clean. The daily cleaning of the barbecue grid can be done in 30 seconds by cleaning the grid with a grill brush immediately after you have finished barbecuing. It will take a bit longer if you wait for the grid to get cold. If you wish to clean your grid thoroughly, apply fluid soap and place the grid into a plastic bag and let it soak in through the night. Clean the grid with cold water the next day.   

As an alternative you can use an EASY Grill Cleaner – it doesn’t get much easier than that! Fill the tub with hot water and grill detergent and place the grid in the tub. Cover the EASY Grill Cleaner with the lid from your barbecue and let the detergent soak in. In order to speed the process you can apply a sponge. Your grid is now clean and free from burnt food and bacteria and the filth from the grid is kept in the EASY Grill Cleaner and not on your lawn or paved/wooden terrace.

Remember also to clean your barbecue from ashes frequently. The barbecue must be completely cooled off and without embers.