Nature® of barbecuing is a Copenhagen-based briquette brand founded in 2012 by Fritz Schur Consumer Products (FSCP). Situated in Copenhagen, Nature® has quickly positioned itself to be the biobased alternative to regular wood charcoal and fossilized coal. Moreover, it has placed itself as market leader on the Danish charcoal market. 

Nature® is a waste product, based on nut shells and 100% natural raw materals. Harvesting coconuts and other type of nuts does not put any strain on the environment – on the contrary it reduces the need for cutting down trees to produce traditional charcoal. 

Nature® is DIN CERTCO (DIN-Geprüft bioased >85%) certified, which is the relevant labeling scheme for products based on renewable raw materials from nature. DIN CERTCO (DIN-Geprüft bioased >85%) guarantees that our products are at least made of 85% renewable raw materials. Also, Nature® is assigned the ecolabel bra Miljöval from the Swedish environmental organization called Naturfredsforeningen.

Moreover, the Nature® of barbecuing concept is developed with the fact in mind, that fuel is the heart of kettle grilling. As any outdoor chef will agree, the best briquettes must be easy to light and have a long, stable burn. 

 Nature Premium grill briquettes offers:

-          100% natural with no chemical additives

-          No trees are cut down

-          4 hours burning time

-          Fast lightning, and

-          Reusable

Lastly, in 2017 the national Danish newspaper Politiken invited two experts, Carsten Olsen, also known as the bald chef and Trine Drachmann Johns from Weber Grill Academy to test six different grill briquettes. Nature® Premium was the test winner as the only one with six out of six stars. This is what they has to say about Nature® Premium - Nature® are the best ones. The heat is off the scale – in a good way. The briquettes keep the heat for the longest time, and they would be great for slow cooking. You would be able to both bake bread and barbecue whole chickens. They give off the least smoke when lighted.

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