The best way to light your barbecue is with a barbecue starter.

In collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute we have tested the Nature® Barbecue Starter and developed a product that lights briquettes quickly so you can get going with the most important thing – the cooking!

Nature® Barbecue Starter is also available with a clever and heat-resistant platform where you can place the hot barbecue starter after lighting your briquettes. This will prevent scorching your lawn, decking or paved terrace.

Fill up the barbecue starter with Nature® briquettes. Place 2-3 Nature® firelighters on the barbecue grid and light them. After approximately 30 minutes the briquettes will turn greyish which indicates they are ready to use. Once ready, pour your briquettes onto the barbecue.

See how you light your barbecue without the use of a barbecue starter.

Grillstarter Med Fod