Direct heat grilling

The direct heat grilling method is usually used for meat in pieces that need less than 25-30 minutes, e.g. hamburgers, steaks, chicken breast and fish.

Place the briquettes evenly in your kettle barbecue after they have reached the right temperature in your BBQ starter.

Grillmetode Direkte

Indirect heat grilling

Indirect heat grilling is designed to cook larger foods that would burn if directly grilled, e.g. large pieces of meat or pork and whole chickens or generally meat that calls for barbecuing more than 25-30 minutes. The food is placed next to, not directly over the fire – place the briquettes from your BBQ starter in each side of the barbecue leaving the middle of the kettle barbecue free. Place a drip pan with a bit water in the middle – doing so, you avoid burnt juice from the meat causing the food a poor taste. The lid is placed to hold the heat in, turning the barbecue into a sort of outdoor oven. Avoid lifting the lid while barbecuing as it will extend the cooking time.

Grillmetode Indirekte

50/50 heat grilling

This method is used for meat that needs to be browned first and then barbecued for a long time to make sure it is cooked all the way through.

Arrange the heated briquettes in one side of your kettle barbecue and a drip pan in the other side. This way you can start by browning the meat directly over the briquettes and then finish the cooking by moving it above the dip pan using indirect heat. This method also allows you to barbecue multiple dishes at once.

Grillmetode 50 50

Circular grilling

This barbecue method allows you to make pizza, bread and cake on your kettle barbecue! Place the heated briquettes in a circle around the kettle grate with a drip pan in the middle.

Circular Grill Method

75/25 heat grilling

This method is perfect for using a wok on your kettle barbecue.

Place the heated briquettes in the kettle barbecue taking 75 % of the space. Ensure that the remaining 25 % of the space is furthest from you. As your food is being barbecued, gradually move the cooked food to the cooler area.

Grillmetode 75 25